Where It All Began

When I think about inspiration a million things run through my mind. Where did my passion start, let alone where did it come from? As I sit here, I shuffle through my life and experiences. I think back to the day and try to relive the moment I realized cooking wasn’t only something I loved, but also a love that I knew I could develop a long lasting romance with.

I’d like to say it started with my mother. Somehow she planted a seed inside me that was waiting for me to feed it and let it grow. It was just a matter of when and how. My mother always cooked and baked for our family, friends, and neighbors. Growing up I always thought it was because of my mother’s generosity, but where I am now as a chef, I understand why. Cooking and eating isn’t just a necessity, it’s a gift that deserves to be shared with those around you. My mother is my example. Watching her create something with love and being able to share that love with others explains the type of Chef I want to be.

It took me a while to realize what drove me, what my passion was, and what to live for. After several failed dreams, I finally knew what I needed to do. Failing never discourage me, it helped push me in the right direction that was meant for me. It brought me to the moment I woke up, stopped everything, and decided I wanted to cook. The thought of making a career of something I loved to do brought so much joy into my life. That moment changed my life forever.

Since then, I have done everything in my power to accomplish my goals. I’ve always been told that if you really want something, you should do whatever it takes. Sometimes you might need to make sacrifices, but towards the end of your dreams it’ll be worth great success. I did just that. I left my family and ended friendships. Moved around the world. Worked every minute of my life while putting myself through school. Most would question how I did it and my honest answer is because I found something I’m in love with.



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