When I lived in Charleston, SC I grew accustomed to living such a warm and welcoming life filled with family and friends. I spent everyday with my hair down in the sun and listened to the faint guitars in the background, playing with the sincere laughters and cheers. This place was full of camaraderie, it thrived on it.

There was something about this city that I’d fall in love with. It wasn’t just the amazing Chefs I learned from or the availability of wonderful produce, but how the people who lived there also took pride in what they drank.

I learned to appreciate each fresh ingredient put into every cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage. It became a must to know the differences between several types of bourbons and craft beers, but to also remember history through old recipes from the prohibition era. From the types of glasses to the shape of your ice, Charleston made me look at beverages as equally important to food and service.