Oregon Grapes

One of my favorite things about Oregon is their growing climate. Where ever you go, you can find several types of berry bushes and grape vines. These were always delicious surprises for me.… Continue reading

Cantaloupe Boba Smoothie

On a hot summer day, I love eating and drinking fresh cantaloupe. I’d say its one of my most favored flavors in the world. Delicate, innocent, refreshing. There is something comforting about the… Continue reading

Pan Seared Salmon

Coming from Alaska, I have easy access to Alaskan King Salmon. My dad is a recreational fisherman during the summers. When he collects his quota for the season, he ships me loads of… Continue reading

Piquillo Pepper Romesco

[rōˈmeskō]: a piquant sauce of red peppers, nuts, garlic, and olive oil. *Oxford Dictionaries Originally from the region of Catalonia in Spain created by local fisherman in the fifteen century. This sauce pairs… Continue reading

My Travel Apps

Why I use apps to navigate my travels… As a female traveler out on my own in the great big world, I faced challenges on where to begin. When I left the homeland,… Continue reading

She Has Fire

Dictionary defined: grace [grays]: elegance beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.” And she did have grace. She moved with a soft elegance that would define her. Every motion or thought made fluidly.… Continue reading

Tomorrowland: 2018

Because the sadness of the world’s current events have casted a shadow on Tomorrowland 2020. Around this time, we would have been on the beach in Malta eating delicious fresh Mediterranean seafood along… Continue reading

Charcuterie/Antipasto Board

The peninsula, filled with the history of those who once took steps in Charleston, South Carolina, gracefully tapped into my imagination. The sun combined with the faint smell of salt lingering within the… Continue reading

Pickled Shallots

Avid gardeners is what I would call my grandparents. They would have an abundance of fruits and vegetables, some they would share, and some they would have more then they anticipated. To reduce… Continue reading

One Way: Copenhagen

We waited. We sat there quietly, calmly. Our weekend was filled of so much life, excitement, and celebration during our time in Boom, Belgium. After the long days and short nights held at… Continue reading