Pistachio Gelato: Copenhagen

As they rode their bikes through Copenhagen, Denmark, the quiet breeze attempting to dance with their loose braids. The sun’s warmth gently kissing their cheeks, the girl turned to her best friend. “Should we stop and get something to eat!? It’s so hot today,” she asked as she wiped off the sweat from her forehead.

They eagerly jumped off their bikes, locked them onto the metal racks in the middle of the Copenhagen square neighboring local shops, restaurants, and bars. A few meters ahead they would walk and quickly find themselves wandering aimlessly through the Labyrinth streets of the city.

Their quick, but hesitant gait led them to turn a corner where they would stumble upon a little outdoor gelato shop. As soon as the girl saw the pastel green chill bliss, she immediately asked for a scoop.


“In her hands, he placed a cup of pistachio gelato.”


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