Warm Sunny Mornings

Oh sweet, sweet, sunny Friday mornings. The humming birds fluttering quickly through the white flowers blooming in the yard. Missy rolling in the grass and Benz searching for his toy, their morning ritual on the dot, never a second missed.

With an innocent yawn, I slowly put the bread in the toaster, waiting for it to lightly transform to a nice tawny brown. “Ker-chuck,” the toast jumps. I pulled the warm slices out and placed it on a plate, as I reached for the room temperature butter waiting to be spread.

The translucent amber colored preserves reflecting off the sun, I opened the jar. The sweet smell of apricots dispersed into the kitchen air, the tart scent of fresh lemons awakening my mind, and the calming floral smell of lavender filled my nostrils, I dipped my butter knife into the jar and smeared it onto my buttered toast.



“In her hands, she holds warm buttered toast with homemade lavender apricot preserves.”


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