In my hands, I have a water bottle from Sand Cloud, which is a company I represent as an Ambassador. What I love about being a part of this team is their love for ocean clean ups and marine life conservation. Several sea animals are in harm to the point of extinction and are losing their natural habitat due to waste being thrown into the ocean.

Sea life and the ocean is such an amazing part of this world. It is our duty to help protect it so future generations are able to experience and see the ocean in the light that we do today. We must preserve this beautiful earth, I’ve been so lucky to be able to see a lot of it. The beauty I have found on this planet has helped me find the beauty in myself to the point that saving this planet has become one of my passions.

It is so important that we are a part of the difference and become the change this world needs. If ever you want to help contribute to marine life, feel free to check out Sand Cloud and purchase some of their amazing products made out of recycled trash picked up from beaches, where a percentage of their proceeds go towards ocean preservation and marine life conservation. For 15% of feel free to use promo code SPROCIW198


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