Off To Macau

After lunch, my cousin and I walked through this beautiful building: It immediately led us to a few elevators. Once we exited the elevator, our confusion grew because it brought us to an escalator to a shopping mall. Without hesitation my cousin and I went up the escalator and was greeted by a woman shouting “ferry to Macau?” as she gestured us to follow her. Before we knew it we were rushed to a counter where a man held tickets to our next adventure.

Despite the dreariness of the grey sky, we were still able to get onto the ferry. While enjoying our ride, I tried to look outside and saw rain drops splatting on the window. The dark choppy water surrounded our little ferry boat. The wind slowly pushed against us, which led us to rock back and forth. I felt a little anxiety waiting for us to reach land, but it wasn’t going to ruin my day. After about an hour sailing through the South China Sea, we were greeted by a little bit of sunshine poking through the clouds with the sight of Macau in front of us.


As soon as we got off the ferry, my cousin and I knew exactly where we would go first: The Macau Tower. Shortly after leaving the terminal doors, we jumped into line for a cab. “Macau Tower,” I said while pointing at the map and the driver immediately took off. Driving through Macau, the streets were filled with lights, casinos, and resorts. The atmosphere seemed familiar, it felt like Las Vegas’s distant little brother.

Nearing the tower, we could see people bungee jumping off of it. This was the exact reason why my cousin and I headed to the tower in the first place: To jump off. My cousin looked at me nervously and said, “oh shit” as I gave her the look of uncertainty.

I’m not going to lie, but once we entered The Macau Tower, I changed my mind in a heart beat. My cousin convinced me to do the jump with her, aside from my slight terror, the price of the jump caused me to back out. Instead I went to the top of the tower and enjoyed the view.

I stood on the top of the tower with a 360 degree view of this city I still have yet to explore. As the sun started fade, these fluffy charcoal clouds started to move in. My hair blowing in my face, I stared out the window with my big brown eyes, took a deep breath and couldn’t help the nostalgia of something incredible about to happen overcome my body. I might have not jumped that day, but Macau, I’m coming back for you.


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