Senado Square – Macau

Anxiously trying to explore Macau, the thought of spending one day in this  exciting city lingered in my brain. One day wasn’t enough time for me. As we walked out of the casino doors, I spun around and soaked in the  rush of the people around me.

My cousin and I started walking away from a place I found familiar. To a place that I never thought actually existed; a place you’d only see in the movies. After a couple miles of walking on the side walk, the city started to change. The flashing lights started to fade, the crazed frenzy of people started to calm down, buildings began to shrink, time slowed down, and the culture changed. We were now in Senado Square.

The ground below me began to evolve from broken up grey concrete to a path filled with white and black stones. The structure of the buildings held such a strong Mediterranean influence, pastel colors of pinks, blues, and yellows stained the walls. I was in Portugal, at least a place that resembled a part of it. Stores and shops filled the buildings, the street vendors hiding quietly in the alley ways, the smell of noodles, fish balls, and pork jerky lingering in the air. I was on the path to food heaven sampling pieces of delicacies the sales people would hold out to you to lure you in. Every corner we turned, we’d stumble upon remains of art work describing the tragic history of Senado Square during the Ming and Qing Dynasty under the Portuguese rule over the Chinese.

As we kept walking up the road, we stumbled upon a cobbled stone stairway that would lead us up to the ruins of St. Paul. The remains of what was a church built by Asian Christians in the 1600’s is now a wall the fire in the early 1800’s left behind. Leading up to the ruins, green hedges arranged in a unique pattern hugged the right side of the staircase. Walking up each step my eyes focused on the church in amazement. Finally making it to the top, I turned around and embraced the sight of the square ahead of me. Imagining what it had looked like several years ago. I closed my eyes, listened, and was blown away by the storm that was about to pass through.


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