Slowly Gathering

In March of 2014, while I was preparing to trek the Inca Trail through the Andes in Peru, I realized there are some bare necessities I really needed. Especially more so since I plan on backpacking around the world in 2016 for an extended period of time.
Since then I’ve been slowly collecting items that I will essentially need. I found it to be useful to plan ahead and purchase these things throughout time. Which marks today as finally finding and buying a travel pack that will be my beloved companion on my crazy adventures and most memorable journey.

As I’ve been planning, there are some tips as to what I believe is important to take with you:

  • A good travel pack with great back support, lots of straps, and tons of pockets. (REI, holds a great selection and being a member is also a great advantage for deals and cash savings)
  • A day pack. (Both packs should be able to hold a water pouch, like a camelback.)
  • A rain cover for your pack.
  • Good hiking shoes or boots with heel support.
  • A first aid kit, including mole skin.
  • A micro fibre towel.
  • Clips
  • 2-3 Locks
  • A head light or flashlight.
  • Extra batteries and bulbs.
  • A phone, gps, or map. (In case of an emergency)
  • Voltage converters.
  • A sewing or tool kit to patch rips or tears.
  • Light weight rain jacket and pants.
  • A source to charge your phone. (I recently just found a solar powered charger for IPhones at a low cost.)
  • A retractable clothes line.
  • Camera
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Water filter. (If you go to a sportsman store, they have a UV device that is battery operated and will kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria in water.)
  • And of course a journal.

While packing your bags, it’s important that you remember to pack lightly. Only take things that you really need because once the bag is full, it’s full. Plus you’ll want to make room from some things you find along the way. I find that it is useful to look into the postal offices in the countries you’ll be in so you can send some of your stuff home.