Hong Kong to Beijing

“Beep, beep, beep,” my alarm went off. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time, “7:05 AM.” I rolled over, sluggishly slid out of bed towards the coffee machine to turn it on before I went into the shower. The hot water poured down onto my hair, streaming down my body as I closed my eyes. Steam filled the bathroom and I took a deep breath. “We go to Beijing, China today,” I thought to myself.

Refreshed and ready to go I grabbed my coffee and sat next to the window to get one last good look of Hong Kong while I waited for my cousin. The rich aromas of vanilla and earthiness filled my nose. Staring out into this wonderful city, I could see the lights still lit up, the sun slowly creeping up at the horizon, traffic building up, and clusters of people walking quickly.

Hong Kong was awakening and I was about to depart this mysterious city. “I’m not ready to go,” as I turned to my cousin. Bags in hand we headed towards to door and walked to the elevator. Soon enough we were in a taxi heading for Hong Kong International Airport.

My cousin and I were meant to be on two different flights, however during check-in with Dragon Air they notified me that I was bumped from my flight because they had over booked. Not sure what to do, I suggested that I be put onto the same flight my cousin was on.

To my amazement, there was a spot left for me. Not only did the airline rebook me onto her flight, but they also gave me a meal voucher, a free upgrade to first class, and 500 HKD to spend on whatever I wanted. Impressed, I was able to leave Hong Kong knowing that good customer service does exist, even when I didn’t expect it.

With a good start to my day, I was ready for Beijing, China although I was sad to leave Hong Kong. I feel like China will make a mark inside my heart and I’m so enthralled to find out what it is. Sitting aboard the flight, I closed my eyes and waited for take off.



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