The Bucket List

There are many dreams that I want to bring to life. What I did was create a bucket list to remind myself of the experiences I’d like to live through as I create them into my own realities. Once I complete each experience, I will cheerfully cross it off of my bucket list and make a post to help continue to write my life story.

Here we go, let the challenge begin:

  1. Backpack around the world, specifically Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia. 
  2. Learn how to make homemade pasta from a grandmother in Italy.
  3. Work on a vineyard and understand the process of growing grapes and making wines.
  4. Learn how to bake bread in an Austrian bakery.
  5. Stage at NOMA in Denmark.
  6. Stage at Alinea in Chicago.
  7. Learn how to make cheese in France.
  8. Understand curing foods in Iceland.
  9. Make chocolate in Switzerland.
  10. Learn about Spain’s cuisine.
  11. Drink snake blood in Thailand.
  12. Learn about knife cuts, sushi making, and the art of ramen in Japan.
  13. Learn more about my Filipino heritage and cuisine in the Philippines.
  14. Eat a scorpion in China.
  15. Drink cobra wine.
  16. Work on a farm in Europe.
  17. Milk a cow.
  18. Write a book about my travels, experiences, and food.
  19. Open a restaurant.
  20. Start a restaurant group.
  21. Return to Peru and learn about the agriculture.
  22. Start a non-profit organization for starving children.
  23. Go to the spice market in India.
  24. Eat fresh seafood in Greece.
  25. Stage at Momofuku in Austrailia.
  26. Go boar hunting in New Zealand.
  27. Eat a bat.
  28. Learn about olive growing and pressing oil.
  29. Learn about the process of making balsamic vinegar.
  30. Go lobster diving.
  31. Forage for mushrooms in Denmark.
  32. Skydive
  33. Go to all seven wonders of the world.
  34. Swim with sharks.
  35. Do the Pacific Coast Trail.
  36. Do the Mt. Everest base camp trek.
  37. Do the Camino De Santiago trail in Spain and France.
  38. Go to all 50 US States.
  39. Go to all 7 continents.
  40. Travel to every country.
  41. Ride a camel.
  42. Ride an elephant.
  43. Pet a tiger.