When Your Own Advice Hits You

What people don’t tell you about traveling is sometimes you get in your own head. In moments of solitude, complacency, and loneliness you start to doubt the moment, you doubt the experiences, and the people you meet. You have your highs over and over again, but sometimes you have your lows and they take you deep into the ground.

You lose sight of the bigger picture. You forget why you are doing what you’re doing and you try to find the answers. To pick up the puzzle pieces. To glue together the broken glass from the mirror. You want it all to make sense and all of a sudden it happens.

It happens during moments when you aren’t helping yourself, but are helping others with their problems. When you give them advice and all of a sudden you have an “ah hah” moment. When you realize the advice you gave them was the advice you needed to tell yourself because deep down you had the answers the entire time.

“Just enjoy the moment because you’ll never have that exact moment ever again,” is what I told my friend. The second I said it, I instantly stopped myself from thinking. From talking because that is exactly what I needed to hear and it’s true. You will never have the exact same moment ever again. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Take it all in with a grain of salt and enjoy it before it’s gone.