Loft Hostel: Review

Loft Hostel 

Bankastraeti 7A

101 Reykjavik, Iceland

PH: +354.553.8140



Overall Score 1-10: 9

Price: 40.00 Icelandic Krone per night in a 6 bed female dorm.

Meals: Breakfast was not included, but they did offer breakfast for purchase. The meal was pretty decent for the price. They had a buffet spread of breads, cookies, waffles, vegetables, cured meats, cheese, eggs, and beverages.

They also have a bar at the reception area. It’s open to the public so you get a good mix of local people in there amongst travelers. The beer was cheaper compared to several other bars and restaurants around the central Reykjavik area. It was also a great place to relax and have a laid back night while listening to live music.

Location: The location was probably the best thing about this place. It is right downtown, near the Fly Bus and Grey Line stations. Iceland in itself is great for public transportation and very tourist friendly. I had no problem getting around to all my tour bookings or around town. I was also able to walk to a lot of the sites I wanted to see in the city.

The hostel is near the harbor, shops, churches, several bars, and restaurants. Luckily I was there over the weekend, so I was able to explore through the flea market, which is about two blocks away from the hostel.

Facilities: I booked a shared six bed female dorm for three nights during my stay in Iceland. The facilities were amazing. The dorms are on floors two and three, which you need key access to enter the area. With each hall, there were separate dorms that had its own bathroom in each outlet.

The beds were pretty comfortable, they all had their own cubby holes to place your things in along with a night lamp and a power outlet. It had a good sized vanity mirror, more cubby holes, and hooks to hang your clothes to dry or store.

Security: I was very happy with the security. Like I described earlier with the facilities, the dorms are located on two different floors and you need a key card to access it. Then once you’re in the hallways you need a key card to access the dorm. Inside the dorms they do provide a little lock drawer where you can store your valuables. However, you do have to bring your own lock.

The hostel has quiet times around 2300-2400, which they close the bar for the public and lock the entrance doors. There isn’t a curfew so you can stay out all night long and just push the button to the reception to let you back into the hostel. The reception is open 24 hours.

Cleanliness: The hostel was pretty clean. The bar and lounge area were pretty tidy. Sometimes the private area got a little messy during meals, but it wasn’t a huge problem because the other travelers would clean up their own mess shortly after.

The rooms stayed pretty clean and the staff would clean them daily along with the bathrooms. They also have a trash bin separating plastics, trash, and paper, which was cleaned out daily.

Staff Helpfulness: The Loft staff were kind and very helpful. You could plan your entire trip and book tours around the country through them. They were great with directions and making sure I was able to make it to my pick-up time for all of my tours and for the airport. They offered great suggestions on where to eat and drink around town.


**Final Thoughts:

Overall, I had a great stay at The Loft Hostel. I met great people and experienced amazing things during my time in Iceland and a lot of that had to do with the Loft. For being my first solo travel experience, staying here helped me settle into my new life style. I don’t really have any negative comments to say about this hostel, except that during the weekends it does get loud due to the location. However, that has nothing to do with the hostel, as a matter of fact, Icelanders love to party all night long into the next morning. So get involved in the fun and enjoy your stay.


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