Why Alaska

  1. Winter Sports: Alaska has some of the freshest powder on the mountains for snowboarding, skiing, or snow moiling. You can either go to the resort, follow trails, or go rogue. You have a choice here.
  2. The Freshest Seafood: And many choices too. From halibut and salmon, to crab, shrimp, clams, and mussels.
  3. Hiking: There are so many well known trails you can follow or you can make your own. Just be sure to carry bear spray. img_3621
  4. Mountainous Scenery: The state is covered in mountains. Some small enough you can go on day hikes and for the more adventurous, the bigger mountains for long expeditions.
  5. Sunsets and Sunrises: They change with each season as the sun touches the sea and mountains. My favorite is during the winter with the snow, I describe it as the “cotton candy sky.”img_3273
  6. Craft Beer: Aside from the fresh food we eat, the Alaskans have pride in their beer too. The best way to stay warm in this state is to indulge in some local beer from the breweries that fill this state’s Southern Coast.
  7. Wild Life: Have your cameras ready, you’re bound to see some wild animals, which include moose, eagles, and whales. If you’re towards the Northern Coast, you might even get lucky enough to spot polar bears, walrus, and seals.
  8. You Get To Live Off The Grid: Most people come here for the solitude, to live off the land, and to disappear into the great Alaskan wilderness. img_0999
  9. Laid Back Atmosphere: In this state, Alaskans don’t care. They hold this apathetic attitude that lets them enjoy the simplicity of life. To drink, laugh, and dress practical.
  10. Culture: Alaska has a culture like no other state. You could learn a thing or two from the Alaskans who are native to this part of the country. Those who still follow traditions and the way of life from their ancestors.
  11. Fishing and Hunting: If you like game meat and fresh seafood, Alaska is the place for you. The majority of the people who live in this state rely on subsistence living. img_4957
  12. Snow: Especially during winter! What better way to spend the holidays than in North Pole, Alaska with Santa and his reindeer.
  13. Artwork: In rural Alaska, there are so many people who still make art work our of baleen, ivory, and bones. It’s a sustainable way to express creativity.
  14. Hot Springs: Imagine going to the hot springs surrounded by snow and ice. Your breathe visible, your hair dancing colorful skies. Without fail, you’ll be able to see them during the cold months.
  15. Motor Sports: There is so much land you can take off in your quad, motor or mountain bike, and snow mobile through the harsh terrain or easy trails.
  16. Glaciers: They are spotted by hiking, boating, or flying. You decide. Feeling adventurous? Climb them. img_3907
  17. Aviation: Love flying? This state is known for being the biggest “bush country” in the US. Alaska holds the biggest licensed pilots per capita.freezing in seconds, your cheeks kissed by the cold, and yet a great way to stay warm for the winter.
  18. Aurora Borealis: Alaska is home of the dancing colorful skies.
  19. Endless Adventures: Need I say more?
  20. We’re Bigger:  Texas has nothing on us.